Made in USA
Shawnee, Kansas Manufacturing Facility
Shawnee, Kansas Manufacturing Facility
by Master Craftsmen

Since 1939, our manufacturing facility has produced the highest quality cookware in the world. Made for discriminating home cooks and culinary professionals, we proudly extend a lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship. We agree, a guarantee is only as lasting as the company behind it. We have been pleasing our customers for more than 70 years and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Health Craft induction cookware is made from beautifully polished surgical stainless steel, together with welded stainless steel handle studs for durability and performance; it will last for generations to come. Each pan is guaranteed for a lifetime against defects in materials and workmanship, and with Health Craft a lifetime could be
 See how Health Craft Cookware is Made in the USA

Health Craft Quality Lives On

Health Craft Induction cookware is made in the USA by master craftsmen who take painstaking measures to ensure that each piece meets the highest quality standard possible. In 2005, we introduced our most technologically advanced Multi-Ply Full-Body Magnetic Surgical Stainless Steel Induction Cookware.

We are proud of our three generation family owned business and invite you to enjoy our products during the preparation of your meals throughout your lifetime, and with Health Craft a lifetime could be longer.

Click on photo to compare the Health Craft difference
Click on photo to compare the Health Craft difference

Health Craft Multi-Core Induction Cookware

  • T304L* Surgical Stainless Steel w/Titanium Inside
  • Silver Bonding Agent
  • 1145 Aluminum Alloy for Even Transfer of Heat
  • Silver Bonding Agent
  • 3004 Pure Aluminum for Controlled Heat Distribution
  • Silver Bonding Agent
  • 1145 Aluminum Alloy for Even Transfer of Heat
  • Silver Bonding Agent
  • T438* Induction Magnetic Surgical Stainless Steel Outside

Health Craft cookware saves food dollars

  • Money – Less food shrinkage, less fuel energy used in cooking, no need to replace pans, no grease, fat, butter or water necessary for cooking the waterless greaseless way.
  • Time – Eliminates pot watching, mixing and stirring, heats food with original freshness.
  • Work – Surgical Stainless Steel, easy to clean and care for
  • Vitamins & Minerals – Cook vegetables and fruits without water and preserve natural flavor and color.
  • Flavor – Food cooks in its own natural juices.

Exclusive Vapor Vent
Exclusive Vapor Vent

Waterless cooking feature

Health Craft, with its unique vapor-sealing covers, locks vitamins, minerals and enzymes in the utensil. No steam is allowed to escape. Wonderful aromas remain inside the pan. Until the cover is removed, you will not know if its broccoli or cabbage being prepared. The vegetables cook on low heat, cooking evenly in their own natural moisture.

Exclusive vapor vent

When open steam escapes for greaseless cooking, with vent closed retains moisture in foods for cooking the waterless way.

 Healthy Benefits of Health Craft Induction Cookware
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click photo to enlarge

Exclusive features

Rims are cut, flared and polished on each piece to prevent seams around the top that you find in cookware sold in department stores. Our lids are even polished by hand!

Each cover features a vent to provide you the opportunity to use our world-famous vapor seal. You control whether you keep the moisture in the pan as you cook or you can let the moisture out—perfect when searing and “frying” meat.

All handles are safe in the oven up to 350 degrees and are made of a space-age material that is dishwasher safe, oven safe and heat resistant.

The inside of each piece is all smooth metal. There are no screws, bolts, or rivets to collect food and bacteria, which mean your family won’t have last night’s stew combining with today’s delicious meal.

Throw away those scrubbing pads—Health Craft is designed for easy clean up. A little bit of soap and water is all it takes to remove even the toughest messes. Each piece of the cookware system is safe for the dishwasher too!

The cooking system features a lifetime warranty, and if you lose your paperwork, no problem—our name and telephone number is engraved on the side of every pan, just like fine jewelry. Our cookware is guaranteed to never warp, buckle, pit, chip, rust or corrodes. You will feel great knowing that you are supporting American business, as all of our cookware is manufactured right here in the United States.

Stack cooking

The cookware is so heat conductive that you can stack cook, preparing an entire meal, up to five pans high, on one burner. Stack cooking is great around the holidays and helps you save time, energy and money.

Saucepans feature self-storing covers that allow you to hang the cookware or let it nest in neat stacks—you can fit the entire set shown here in one stack that fits easily into most any cabinet. Each piece features jam-on handles that can easily be removed with a butter knife or flathead screwdriver.

Not only do the covers nest inside each pan, the covers can be inverted with the saucepan placed on top to create its own self-serving dish—no need transfer meals to other bowls or platters for serving.