Why is Health Craft different from Induction Cookware I see in the stores?

There are many features unique to the Health Craft cooking system that you will not find with cookware in the specialty retailers, department stores, on TV or online sites. Other induction cookware brands use a ferrite steel (like cast iron) on the bottom, like cast iron, its slow to heat up and cool down, thus compromising induction technology.

Health Craft features an outer layer of T438 (T for Titanium) Magnetic Surgical Stainless Steel. This non-porous metal is exclusive to Health Craft and our full body heat conducting core will allow you to reduce cooking time and eliminate the need to use water when cooking vegetables and grease when cooking meats. It’s 30% faster than all other induction cookware brands.


Is this non-stick cookware?

NO, Health Craft is solid metal construction. You never have to worry about any type of coating flecking off into your food or the release of toxic fumes if you put a pan on high temperatures. When frying meat, we recommend that you sear the meat on all sides, and when the meat first hits the pan it will stick (much like preparing meat on a grill) until the searing is complete.


Can I use Health Craft on glass-top electric stoves?

Absolutely! Health Craft is designed to work very efficiently on any type of cooking surface available today. One of the keys to enjoying the maximum benefits of Health Craft is cooking on a low temperature, so the cookware is designed to work great on gas or electric stoves. The magnetic surgical steel on the outer layer of the cookware means it’s also wonderful to use with the induction cook tops that are gaining popularity in our country today.


Do I have to change the way I prepare my food?

We find that most customers make small adjustments to the way they have been traditionally taught to prepare food, mostly in reducing the heat when cooking. Health Craft is solid five-ply construction so you do not have to cook food on high temperatures.


Can I put the cookware in the oven?

Yes, Health Craft cookware is designed to work on top of the stove or in the oven. You can place the pans in the oven with the handles still attached up to 350 degrees. Remember that the cooking system is designed so that you can virtually eliminate your oven and perform most of your cooking tasks right on top of the stove. Roast meats and bake cakes on a stove burner instead of inside the oven and save energy and money while keeping your house cooler in the summer!


You used metal utensils in the demonstration; can I use metal utensils in the cookware?

Definitely! Metal utensils are great to use when cooking because you know that you’re not eating part of the utensil that was used to prepare the food. If you prefer, you can use plastic or silicone utensils - no problem. 


Will metal utensils scratch the cookware?

Depending on the utensils you use and your style of cooking, you may notice scratches on the inside of the cookware after repeated use. Metal on metal contact can produce scratches, but you can run your hand over the cookware and feel only smooth metal. The cookware is guaranteed not to pit or chip, so you will never have pieces of the cookware transfer to your food.


Do I get instructions with the cooking system?

Yes, you receive plenty of recipes, instructions, and cooking tips with Health Craft. In addition to two great cookbooks written specifically for the cookware, you receive a DVD and web site access that contains videos and additional information to help you get maximum benefits from Health Craft cookware.


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